Delicious Granola Snacks for Winter

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.38.44 PMWinter’s here as well as the wonderful holiday season! This is a time to celebrate friends, family, and staying warm and cozy, bonding over delicious treats. Granola is one of nature’s perfectly nutritious delights that not only tempts the palate but nourishes the body. Packed with the heart-healthy Omega-3 fats that bolster brain function and glowing skin, these clusters further supply the energy required to get you through the day. Many of Nature’s Habit varieties also have fruit in our mixes to supply you with a myriad of antioxidants and valuable micronutrients.

The holidays are fun but they do bring a demanding schedule of to-do’s, so it’s important that amidst all that busy-ness you’re able to keep running through the day strong and alert! Granola works for the perfect snack because it’s easy to pack and kids love it because it’s a food that is good for you but actually tastes good too! Munching on Nature’s Habit between sled rides, ski runs, or holiday parties means hours of more enjoyable rides for the kids (no one likes a cranky, hungry youngster!), better performance for all of those athletes, and engaging conversation over sweetened nut bites.

A few tips to keep your holidays running smoothly the Nature’s Habit way:

  1. Keep bags of granola in your purse, car, and office so you always have a snack readily on hand to avoid reaching for unhealthy foods when hunger strikes.
  2. Pre-portion amounts in baggies to ensure for just enough to fuel your activity.
  3. Send the kids off to school with a hearty breakfast of granola and oatmeal or our one of kind Nature’s Harvest cereals to set them up for the most productive day at school!
  4. Add granola to childrens’ lunches and you’ll be sure they won’t want to be making any swaps at the lunchroom table or school yard.
  5. Nature’s Habit is the perfect stocking stuffer; diverse enough that there is a flavor for every kind of taste and even Santa would enjoy them!
  6. A big bowl of granola works for the ideal party addition, and you couldn’t ask for an easier, no-fuss item to bring.

Nature’s Habit is diverse for all your snacking and dessert needs too:

  • Delicious straight out of the bag!
  • Top your Greek yogurt with sweet and crunchy granola for an added protein boost that tastes divine.
  • Add granola to your frozen yogurt or ice cream as toppings.
  • Make your morning oatmeal even more heart-healthy by adding granola. The extra protein and healthy fats will keep you fuller longer.
  • Granola is the perfect addition to any fruit salad.

Here at Nature’s Habit our priority is keeping you at your best so you can fully enjoy and appreciate all the things that make this time of year so magical!