Introducing Simple Granola!

11ozAlmCranRaisThere is nothing simple about the pleasures of our new Simple Granola. Our  granola trail mixes and cereals stand apart, with high-quality vegan and non-GMO ingredients. Our new Simple Granola is a cost effective way to experience the quality and healthy ingredients that Nature’s Habit hopes will fuel your healthy habits. It’s the same tasty granola you’ve come to love, but without the frills.

For our Simple line of granola, we went back to basics. Nothing but crunchy texture, delicious flavors, and wholesome natural ingredients to fuel your greatest adventures.

Crunchy nuts, whole grains, and dried fruits bursting with antioxidants are the stars in our deliciously pure and simple granola. A dedication to eating non-GMO foods doesn’t have to mean expensive, specialty food stores. Our new Simple Granola will be available in 3.5oz, 11oz, and bulk for a more cost effective option for customers looking for high quality, healthy snacks at a great value.

Each flavor of Simple Granola starts with nutritious whole grain oats. Whole grains are a great source of fiber that can help satisfy your hunger faster and longer. Almonds provide a plant-based source of protein to help you conquer your day. Coconut, raisins and cranberries add a zesty flavor and important vitamins and minerals to help keep you energized. Simple Granola is a healthy snack bursting with nutrition, but it also is buzzing with yummy flavor, too.

Our Simple Granola is certified vegan and Kosher-OUD, making it a great snack option for those with special dietary requirements.

One of the biggest dietary concerns our customers have shared with us is the use of genetically modified ingredients, and we can proudly say that Simple Granola is non-GMO. Sourcing the healthiest ingredients available is important to us, and we want to be sure that our granola is available to people at every price point, which is why our Simple Granola will be offered in 3.5 oz, 11oz, and bulk at cost-effective pricing. We think every family deserves a healthy snack free from genetically modified ingredients.

How can Simple Granola fuel your life? For starters, get back to basics and enjoy a bowl of granola with milk or almond milk for breakfast. Starting your day with a fiber rich bowl of whole grain oat goodness will keep you full and happy, and is a great habit to start! When snack time comes, make your own yogurt parfait by adding Simple Granola to Greek or low-fat yogurt, and top with fresh berries. At lunch, try a Simple Granola wrap: spread almond butter on a whole grain wrap, then fill with sliced bananas and Simple Granola. Our natural granola is a perfect meal or snack to keep you full, energized, and ready to take on the day.

A happy life is the result of small, healthy habits. Riding your bike to work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking a little farther away from your destination; it is the simple habits that will add up to big rewards. Spend less to get more, enjoy the sunshine, and try Nature’s Habit Simple Granola. Healthy habits never tasted so good.