A Healthy Habit is GMO Free

GMO is one of the biggest buzz words, or shall we say acronyms of the day when it comes to the food we buy and eat every day. Standing for genetically modified organisms, GMO is controversial to say the least, and for that reason we want to let our customers know just where we stand on the issue.

One of the best ways to do this is to begin with good ol’ Bill Nye, The Science Guy. His ‘Eyes of Nye’ video on GM Foods is just under eight minutes long but is quite educational when it comes to the science of genetically modified foods.

If you watch the video, you’ll hear Nye talk about why it will be very unlikely for you to always know when you are eating GMO foods. The ingredients lists on a standard package that might identify corn, soybean, canola and other commonly genetically modified products don’t let you know if they were or not actually modified in some way.

“In the United States, grocery [store] shelves are filled with genetically modified food. In Europe, if a food is modified, it has to be labeled as such. Now why is that? Is there something to be afraid of? Now, that’s a good question, and one that’s not asked often enough.”
~Bill Nye

Nye explains the science of genetic modification, stating that in a sense we have been doing it for centuries, most commonly in the form of hybrids. Taking domesticated wheat and pairing it with a wild wheat, for example, to achieve a crop with the positive characteristics of both. Now, however, scientists can go even further by mixing genes from completely unrelated species.

While genetic modification of crops has been around for a long time, much of it in the name of agricultural progress, it can be very confusing for the consumer. You might be asking, “How much modification of my food is actually good for my health?” and you might even go a step further and ask, “Just what is the modification of fruits, vegetables, and other plants doing to the environment? How will this affect the world that my children and their children live in?”

Ultimately the biggest question you might be asking, as stated by Nye, is “When am I eating genetically modified foods?” His answer, “Probably more often than you think.”

At Nature’s Habit, we don’t want you to have to be asking that question when you purchase our products. We want you to have complete confidence in the snacks you are eating and feeding your children.

Nature’s Habit is proudly 100% GMO free, and our commitment to you is to offer delicious, healthy cereals and granola trail mixes that you can add to your healthy habits!